The Bat! Professional 10.4

The Bat! Professional 10.4

Securely access your email accounts from your Windows desktop
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More than just another versatile and full-featured e-mail client, The Bat! Professional is a tool designed to provide you with a secure mail environment. You can link it to as many e-mail accounts as you wish, and receive, send, and manage messages in absolute privacy. The Bat! won’t store your correspondence on the Cloud and will encrypt your e-mails to make sure that only you and the receiver have access to their content.

Though certainly very useful and great to have, it is not the program’s set of tools and features that sets The Bat! Professional apart from other e-mail clients, but the high level of security that it provides to all your e-mail accounts. Its OpenSSL-based internal PGP implementation will encrypt your messages, and its authentication protocols will make sure that your data is never disclosed to third parties without your consent. The Bat! also supports SSL and TLS security systems, as well as S/MIME via Internal Implementation or MS CryptoAPI. But the program’s concern about your privacy doesn’t end here – actually, every feature and every function seem to have their own “security protocol” to ensure that no back door is left open for unwanted visitors.

Thus, the program’s own address book is not only convenient but also safe. While Microsoft Windows Address Book is one of the main targets of all kinds of viruses, The Bat!’s address book is completely out of their reach, ensuring that your e-mail addresses are kept safe and private. Besides, it uses ASLR and DEP to protect your computer against malicious e-mail messages. Its selective download filters will protect your mail from spam and viruses, while its safe handling of all attachments will block any suspicious document from attacking your system. Finally, The Bat! Professional will integrate with various antivirus plug-ins allowing them to scan all attachments for viruses and other malware programs.

The Bat! Professional can deal with all the incoming and outgoing mail of already existing e-mail accounts that you created using other clients, such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape, or MS Outlook. Of course, you can also create new accounts using this client, and then receive and manage all your e-mail from one single place. The program provides you with all the tools you will ever require to organize and sort your mail in an intuitive and highly efficient way. Using the filters provided you can forget about dragging and dropping messages into the right folder and tell the program to filter and store them for you. Likewise, these filters can also answer your mail for you, forward it, redirect it, and even print it without your direct intervention.

The Bat! Professional comes with a set of tools that will make your mail management a lot easier – a template editor with macro support, a task scheduler, a QR code generator, its already-mentioned flexible sorting rules, the possibility of creating groups and mailing lists, and its synchronization features to name but a few. As a bonus, your license for The Bat! Professional is also good for The Bat! Voyager, a portable e-mail client that provides the same level of security that you will find in the Professional edition. It can be launched from any USB or portable device, and it’s both password-protected and loaded with the same encryption functionality and security measures of the PC-based version. The Bat! Professional is your key to a safer and more efficient mail environment.

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  • Ensures full protection of your correspondence
  • Supports any number of accounts
  • Connects to all the most widely used mail servers
  • Can encrypt your messages on disk


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